Working Day and Night

by Christian Michael Jackson

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released October 9, 2015




Christian Michael Jackson Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Day and Night
got me working
day and night
Track Name: New Vape Shop
wow, this town is coming up!
lot's of people moving here
i heard they got a new vape shop this year

one more start up
put another bar up
cocktail? ten bucks

pressure wash the sidewalks
don't hire local toughs
you've got your friends who needs them?


invest in your community
earn your return!

you look good, I like that
Track Name: Join 'Я' Cult
these are the people in your neighbourhood
they're all poor
we got a potion gets you feelin good
drink some more

every bizknob's travelling
you don't have a place to go
all your world's unravelling
every scene's a show in slow-mo, oh no

but everybody knows that drinkin
helps to keep your mind from thinking
everybody knows that drinkin
helps to keep a body from sinkin

everybody knows about drinkin
Track Name: Who Do You Regret Saving
private pool
boarding school
lifeguard on duty
who do you regret saving

push the poor
off the diving board
what's his reward
who does he regret saving

matching nikes, matching tuques, matching black track suits
off to jimmy john's, get 20 subs, it's enough to feed the whole club

(can't stay here, don't gotta go home)

now i lay me down to sleep, i pray the lord my stocks to keep
a crowd waits at heavens gate, who do you regret saving?
Track Name: Duty Calls
we got our quotas
we got our donuts
we got our uniforms
we're taking orders

i'm ready, tell me, when do i shoot?
at least can i give out a ticket or two?
duty calls, i command your respect
look at me when i'm talking to you

we'll make sure
we clean up the street
Track Name: Duty Freeze
should i be friends with these ppl?
what's he mean i need new struts

jardine jardine
darger darger

duty free duty free
ain't got no place to be
come pick up what you need
down the duty free
so come along and see
no, ain't no tax on these!

jardine jardine
darger darger

if anybody asks for me
tell em i went down and see
about the duty free
(crown royal)

so come on the ride
our collision course
i'm gonna get mine
and you should get yours
no more saving up
for the rainy days
once we get em coughing up
we got some bills to pay
Track Name: Call The Doctor
the swelling in my leg and in my hand
give me the generic of the off brand
I've read all of the wikis and the PMs
give me the prescription, it will help

where's the doctor?
where's the doctor?
where's the doctor?
call the doctor

here's the doctor
here's the doctor
I'm the doctor
I'm the doctor

there's there doctor
they're the doctor
we're the doctor
everyone's the doctor


welcome to Jurassic World